Friday, June 17, 2011

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Thursday, June 9, 2011

how to make sitemap for yahoo

Google has revolutionized the search industry by counting the number of their links (links) to the website - as a way to "vote" for that website. This helps improve the position of Web pages based on its relevance to specific keywords. The relevance of the results are located high on the list of search results that people want, and although the more complex algorithm, back links still play an important role in increasing the rank for your Web page search results.

But you build back links how important? The search engine often to prevent black hat SEO tactics, and even devised a way to stop this procedure.

So, using link farms or pay for the connection (PAYING for links) is not only not help you but also make you spend money on it. Your Web site will not attract customers if you use keywords that are not in the top 30 first results. This is quite a serious problem because many people have put the "livelihoods" on his website has the most traffic comes from search engines.

So you can not use the procedure "black hat". Reciprocal link can also be problematic if the link is from a site whose content is not appropriate or relevant to your site. Google and other search engines want to index link to the "natural" to display the content most relevant to the keyword search. Therefore, simply Google for "eye" is you have to build relevant content - the content that people want to read. The link "natural" This is much better for search engines as well as your potential customers than you used to collect link SEO "black hats".

The link with content relevant, interesting, useful and interesting is also known as: Linkbait. You can think of it as a natural consequence of the old view that content is king online. But what kind of content will give you the link back? Maybe most people agreed to "quality content", but that is not an "answer" in full. Although the content usually covers many different industries, but here are some general tips for creating linkbait suit most areas.

Matter content

There is quality content is one thing, that content is marked on the right object or not search is another story. Therefore, it is important that you have towards your content to specific readers. For example, you want the user to test students going to college, you should own a site through which students and their parents can find useful information about universities and colleges they should choose. You should have articles about why they should choose the university, the specific steps of the registration process at school, or how to earn scholarships or loans and other subsidies for students.

There are also many types of content more attractive. Think about the way that David Letterman's jokes soon reached the Top 10 list and they often imitate. They are the short information form, consistent with the longer afraid to read the article or for those who do not have much time to sit back on the Net. In addition, it is attractive content for most people. Well! You see, the long article with much useful information is unlikely to attract many more visitors.

If you do not like the way of Letterman, the content type of "top 10" is also commonly used. Users or pay attention to the numbers, it is clearly apparent. I'd bet most of you are fascinated by words like "top 10 most important things to ...", "10 ways to ..." ... For example, if you have a website for lovers car, you should create a list of 10 most important method of keeping a car running in good condition.

The event is also close to nodding content can attract lots of links. Whatever your content humorous, entertainment or news, as long as new and shocking, users will quickly find you.
Any field your business is what you should equip yourself with a website information about that area, even those who do the funeral service also has a Web site for their own, such as FuneralWire.

Linking problem

If you know any information relating to your field, you should submit your site as a reference source. Such sites will be very good for the article submission. There are some very good sites for you to submit as EzineArticles, GoArticles, iSnare and some other pages. Most pages have a high rank, they will provide you with quality traffic.

These journalists are not "easy" with the messages, but if you send them a good press release, take the time to refine the information to make it valuable, they will help you with press even that hardly anything changed your post. You should submit articles to bloggers or journalists specializing in the field that you are heading towards, is accompanied by personal messages to let them know why they should read his article. You should also send your release to PRWeb or other press releases page. Check out to bloggers and journalists to see how their actions. Here's how to know who will be interested in your next article.

As I said above, link exchange is still skeptical about the likelihood of success, at least when you link to sites not related. However, there is nothing wrong with exchanging articles with other webmasters as long as its content is concerned. If you find a page related, but non-competing sector, then you should build links with them to grow together.

Do not forget the friends soon after linking to them. If they have concerns about your field of business, and you also have the important information about your products, you need to do now is get back to them. Ask them about their feedback. They can find useful information from you? And if so, whether they share the comments to your posts? This is not a form of multi-level marketing, but it came a natural way.

Surveys and research

Companies should publish regular press releases about the survey and the research they've done. Sometimes they have to examine their regular customers on a certain product. For example, a Webhosting company surveyed customers and offer 10 regular hosting packages are the most popular user. The survey would cause users to feel the importance of those products, and when they feel confident, then they will notify the others. A member of SEO Chat forum has said, when done a survey on the status of women who are paid too low, they have attracted many high quality.

In short, when users find you through search engines or other links, at least they should know what your purpose is, which means your content must be clear and attractive. Give yourself a strategy to build a good link, traffic will naturally "follow" it.